“F**K the Sex Pistols”


Although I have heard this song more times than I could count on my appendages, only recently have I thought how applicable its message of disregarding the idealized past for the sake of moving forward is to my views on Islam. I would not goes as far as to say history is irrelevant to the present; that would be just ironic for someone who was a history major and dorks out to it constantly. Rather, I believe that, like many punks who speak of how good the genre used to be in the 1970s and 80s and forgo investigating its current incarnations, many Muslims reminiscence about the religion’s “golden era” and how the ummah has drifted away from that, entering a new period of jahiliyyah, or ignorance. I would argue much the contrary. Yes, many Muslims, especially in the West and countries being torn apart by wars, are subjected to prejudices and human rights’ abuses at the hands of governments, neighbors, and even other believers. These facts, however, often overshadow that despite all of this, there are Muslims, like other people of faith and non-faith, who are trying to combat extreme beliefs and build bridges across cultures (used broadly and not necessarily interchangeable with ethnicity). As the song here concludes, I say to other young Muslims (and other peers struggling, too) facing a world that seems against us:

We don’t care what you think.
We don’t care what you say.
You don’t get to decide
It’s ours. Go Away. Shut up.


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