Two Things At Once


Keeping up with the pre-Ramadan theme (yeah, I am a month and a half out on this, but whatever – when the desire to write strikes you, go with it) I have two proposals for readers. The first is to revamp what many of us once did back in elementary/middle school: become pen pals during the Holy Month. I know some people may be wary of disclosing mailing information and that’s totally understandable. If you feel so inclined as we get closer to the beginning of Ramadan, let us exchange addresses and write about our experiences during that period of time (roughly July 19th through August 18th) regardless of faith background. Atheist/secular friends join in too! My second proposal is more pertinent to people living in the Washington, DC metro area: I would like to do rotating iftars. Perhaps these activities will not come to full fruition, but it is worth the shot to try something new and bring people closer. If you are thinking, man, this is crazy and scary, it is and I am right there with you. I, however, believe the approaching month of fasting presents a rare opportunity for Muslims and non-Muslims alike to bond and reflect on what really matters and the many blessings we have been given/earned. While it is cool that local mosques offer iftars during the month and I may go to some, I would still prefer meeting new people in a more intimate setting and hanging with old friends, too.

File:Common Iftar Dish.jpg

Tell me this does not look awesome!


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