Love! Love! Our Love Is All We Will Ever Have


For those readers who grew up in the early to mid-2000s listening to American hardcore punk, one of the bigger bands of the era was, in my humble opinion, American Nightmare/Give Up the Ghost from Boston, MA. Contrasting with the positive, youth crew oriented offerings of their contemporaries, this band incorporated a more personal approach to lyrical themes yet held onto the intensity and urgency that distinguishes the genre from other music. Although AN/GUTG broke-up several years ago and members have gone onto new musical pursuits (check out the electronica project Cold Cave that features frontman Wes Eisold) last year the band reunited for two shows and will do the same this summer in NYC. Thanks to good fortune and awesome friends, I will be seeing these guys in late July at the Webster Hall in the city and could not be more excited! To me, these guys represent what I love about hardcore: no bullshit rock-star personas, lyrics I can relate to, and not being afraid to take a template and augment it to their tastes.

Happy Friday and salams!


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