10 Years of Baltimore DIY



Originally appeared in Free State Zine #3 celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Charm City Art Space, an all ages DIY (do it yourself) venue in Baltimore, MD:

Unlike most of the other members of Charm City Art Space, I am a recent transplant to the Baltimore metro area and have been in the area for only three years. As someone who was somewhat late to the game in terms of getting into the DIY scene and new to the area, I floundered for almost half a year until one night that changed everything. I forget the exact date, but I do recall finding out about the Space through my fraternity brother and fellow Space member, Scott Jones, who invited me to go check-out a show with him in the winter of 2010. Walking into Charm City Art Space I instantly knew this was something I wanted to be part of: a collection of people from all sorts of backgrounds sustaining an independent art venue without feeling the need to sacrifice ethics for the sake of making money.

Eventually I would decide to become a full member of Charm City and begin promoting shows, which has become an outlet for various reasons. Despite graduate school, work, or other stresses, going up to a show at the Space and hanging out with some awesome people makes life much more enjoyable. Participating in the Space also imbues me with a sense of connection to the Baltimore community, as well as DIY enthusiasts elsewhere.  Here’s to another ten years and the continued growth of Baltimore DIY – Charm City Art Space, you have been a blessing in more ways than one.


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