Easier Said Than Done: Al-Nur Around Us


Yes, brothers, sisters, and friends who are witnessing us ebb and flow each day with the fasting and subsequent iftars, we are progressing through the journey that is Ramadan and entering its first full week. For me it is my first time fasting with real intention since converting back in 2008, and I have to say it is challenging in ways that I never anticipated. One of the more difficult aspects of the fast is that of steadying my tongue when I would typically express frustration, anger, or some other unsavory emotion towards another. Sure, telling friends and coworkers that I am happy to sit with them during their meals while not partaking has been interesting to say the least it pales in comparison to the aforementioned type of fasting.

Furthermore, I have attempted to be more conscious of the Light/al-Nur within those around me. For Muslims, we have been taught (check the Qur’an) that all human beings, regardless of creed, skin color, or any other usually dividing identity, possess a basic humanity that is God-created and cannot be denied. I am sure I am not alone in feeling like this should be the basis for further extrapolations, like giving back to communities that helped mold us, loving even those who seek to draw us into negativity, and helping total strangers if asked.  Does putting this into practice involve some uncertainty of how people will react and risks? Sure, but to not make the attempt is worse than trying and adjusting to new experiences.  As a additional part of this, I would suggest that the same basic respect and care be given to wider creation, be it animals, natural resources, or other things. All of us are here together and must learn to cooperate if this place is to survive and thrive in the future. To say we are not inter-connected is to deny the obvious and short-sighted in my opinion.

Enjoy the attached video, whether now or later; it drives some of the above points home. I know, I know music is haram during Ramadan, but without it on occasion I doubt I would make it through my fasts peacefully.

Salams for now.


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