The Last 10 Days (Both Literally and of Ramadan)


To my Lover,

We have had our ups and downs these past two weeks,

Moments in which I have felt nearly broken and frustrated by having to come to terms,

With that fact that much is out of my control in this life and this soul yearns,

For You closer since it feels like forever since we last spent time under the sheets,

Letting go of the world for a bit and setting my heart at ease.

I hope you know that even with all the late night, red-eyed conversations we had,

They mean a lot to me and  make me see that You are ever present,

Even when it appears that You have gone silent or began to nod off just a tad,

Crawling into bed afterward, well they sometimes build resentment,

Because I just want to keep talking and hear Your voice singing back to me,

But I know that even for You, one of my biggest sources of strength and growth,

You may become weary and desire rest for Yourself.

Perhaps it is exactly then that much baraka appears in the form of pushing me ahead,

Knowing that I have not been burdened with more than I can handle, al-hamdulilah.


Salams for now.


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