Why Is This Even A Debate Anymore?


This video, which features the beloved 90s kids’ science program host Bill Nye, makes a compelling argument for why creationism hurts our future, i.e. our children. Even as someone who does identify with a religion I do not believe evolution, backed up by a substantial fossil record and observable evidence, is damaging to my faith or is necessarily in conflict with it. Bear with me for a moment as I flesh out my thoughts a bit more. As a Muslim I am supposed to believe that God created the universe and every living and nonliving being. Ok, that I do believe, but what I do not get is how evolution cannot be part of this process and how evidence of it is damaging to religion? Oh, that is right; God dictated that man ruled over all and was created perfectly – wrong! Well, I take that back partially. In my understanding of Islam and other religions, aside from Christianity (notably evangelical denominations), mankind is but a part of God’s creation and therefore exists in an intricate web of relationships between other entities. Further, by encouraging children or any other person for that matter to blindly accept any ideology is ridiculous and manipulating. If you believe something I sure as hell hope you have thought critically about it and even more important, investigated how it might be refuted. What good is faith or commitment to any other ideology if you have never challenged it first?


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