Moving, Etc.


Salaams everyone! InshAllah everyone had a great Labor Day weekend (for US readers) and regular weekend (for everyone else haha). I am not sure how much I previously mentioned my move into a new house in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington, DC, but this past weekend it occurred. In addition to the general chaos that comes with any move, no matter the distance, this one involved some unusual circumstances (at least in my opinion): having too much stuff to fit into the house. My roommates and I downsized from a townhouse in the suburb of Silver Spring, MD to a 1930s row home that had been recently remodeled by a Persian family (score!). Although we have gotten all of our belongings into the place, we definitely will be needing to sell a bunch that we no longer have a use for, including a dining room set, a console, two end tables, a dresser, and a bed frame. If anyone knows of people in need of these things, let me know and we can work out a price – cash and carry only.

Anyways, I wanted to apologize and say that I may not be writing as frequently until my housing situation gets a bit more settled. If you are living in the same neighborhood or nearby I would love to have you over and hang out when things slow down in the next week or so.


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