Call to Sanity

I am sure many readers are well aware of the recent events taking place in Yemen, Egypt, and Libya (and elsewhere in the “Muslim world”) related to the release of an inflammatory anti-Islam video on YouTube. The video itself is poorly made, wrongly accuses the religion of being the perpetrator of pedophilia, philandering, and sexism, and consists of a shitty script that was dubbed over after production. The whole situation seems really shady in my opinion considering its release time (the day after the 11th anniversary of September 11th in the US) and the use of a false identity by its director and/or funding group. As the article above relates, it has been revealed that a person of interest has emerged, a man who previously denied being the director and has a proven record of run-ins with the law. Although this in itself is horrible and inexcusable (I have little time for extremist of any stripe; who the fuck gave you so much authority?), the killing of American embassy staff members in Benghazi and the storming of American embassies are equally ridiculous and warrant condemnation. Sure, I do not like seeing my religion spoken poorly of and one of its most revered figures associated with horrible acts, but why respond with shootings and other acts of violence? Tell me, brothers and sisters, where does our Holy Book give us the authority to kill others or respond to attacks on our faith through violence? Last time I checked the Prophet Muhammad emphasized patience, not resorting to violence in a knee-jerk manner, and forgiving others. Yes, portraying Muhammad and other members of his family in a negative way sucks, but should we just lash out afterward? No! Perhaps I am too Western in my thinking and find it hard to relate fully to other viewpoints on this issue, but the reality is there has always/will always be critiques of one’s beliefs. I also recognize that some of these events may be more politically-motivated than meets the eye – I guess we shall see in coming days. Stuff like this makes me believe that some people have no regard for who gets hurt in their power plays and thirst for power or generally just would like to see the world burn. Well, fuck them. I refuse to be part of that mentality and would encourage others to use your rational sides in these trying times and look to build community, not bring about greater conflict.

Salaams for now.


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