Flood of ’12 – On Hurricanes


Salaams everyone and insh’Allah if you are living within 500 miles of the eastern United States you are safely and well-stocked at your homes while Hurricane Sandy approaches. As I write this I am sitting here in my Washington, DC house I can see every hour the storm growing in intensity as it bears down on the city – not to mention periodically checking the Weather Channel and Facebook for up-to-the-minute statuses from friends elsewhere. Thankfully my roommates and I had the foresight to stock up on all the essentials: almond milk, bread, peanut butter, veggie chili, chips, charged Apple products, and a few episodes of the Walking Dead. We all hope we do not have a repeat of the chaos that followed the Derecho back in August, which left much of DC and Baltimore without power for days. On the bright side this time, the weather will be much more comfortable to do without electricity if we lose it and we have easier access to stores and restaurants than before. Unfortunately, much of my family, namely my brother and dad, are not fairing quiet as comfortably. They have been sending pictures of flooded streets (up to people’s waists in some places), entire beaches being wiped out, and water creeping into the lower levels of the city’s shelter, all before high tide has fully hit. The rest of the family has hunkered down elsewhere, closer to Philadelphia and New York City, which may experience only slightly better conditions. Below are some pictures to give you an idea of what it is like when a hurricane comes ashore and when the bay may meet the ocean. Something this extreme is not typical, well, not in recent memory at least, but when a storm does hit, it comes with full force. Stay safe and try not to do anything stupid out there, it is only going to get worse.



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