Plowshares Beaten into Swords: the 2012 Gaza Invasion


“The claim of the wicked, hiding high in concealment,
is that god is a master to serve with munitions in crusades and warfare,
so they forge their weapons, and they hammer their plowshares into swords,
waiting for the final goodbye.”

For anyone who has been watching the news over the past few days you are already (hopefully) aware of the rising tensions between Hamas and Israel in Gaza. The whole thing has left me feeling a variety of emotions given the fact that I have friends on both sides of the rocket explosions and see truth in each position. I recognize that opinion may come off as not wanting to take a stand or the luxury of being removed from the conflict, safely tucked away in the US. Well, for me it is not that – after seeing some of the bullshit posted by Muslims, Jews, and Christians during the past two days I think everyone is a bit nuts. I am far from an Israeli apologist – I think the IDF and particular members of the Israeli government have committed atrocities against Palestinians, but come on, members of the Palestinian resistance (understood broadly) have only worsened the situation. At its core I think what is happening now in Gaza exhibits how a small, yet vocal minority can manipulate people’s fears and religious sentiments for the sake of their own profiteering and blood lust. The invocation of any religion in this type of aggression on either side is ridiculous and an affront to all – why not just admit that both involved parties are seeking complete dominance in the region through the annihilation of the perceived enemy? Above all, I am saddened that the US, which claims to want a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, has not spoken out against both sides with equal rigor. Is no one thinking that these opening salvos could be the green light for what could evolve into a wider strike at Iran and Syria? I have no allusions that foreign policy is simplistic and does not involve a lot of what-ifs but for the world’s superpower to remain silent cannot continue. I hope that in coming days this post is irrelevant and sounder minds take charge.

Salaams for now.


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