Back at It Again: the DIY Flame Burning Bright Once More


Salaams everyone! Can I take a moment to express my excitement after deciding to initiate a new dialogue/conversation group here in DC? It feels amazing to have found a new outlet for my enthusiasm for Do-It-Yourself ethics and social activism, this time not coming in the form of straight ahead punk. Below is a description of this new adventure that sprung from several independent conversations with other Muslims, notably my lovely girlfriend – she is the one who has supported me continuously throughout the many iterations of my spiritual journey. I have included a link to the Facebook event page for those interested in participating next week: Additionally, here is the description I came up with for the group and I would love feedback.

Salaams brothers and sisters! It is the hope that this group will provide participants with a safe space to talk about issues that may otherwise seem too taboo to talk about elsewhere. Possible topics include: LBGTQ members of the Muslim community, dating, gender and power in Islam, sexuality, coping with Islamophobia. Through dialogue with fellow Muslims, it is my hope that individuals can share strategies for coping with these issues and build connections.

For the first meeting of this group, which I am envisioning as a brainstorming session for future themes and places to meet-up, let us meet at the Coupe in Columbia Heights on Thursday, January 24th at 7 PM. Feel free to bring along friends that you believe would have an interest in participating.


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