New Venture


Salaams everyone! Hope your Fridays are off to a great start and the weekend ahead will be fun. In between my sips of coffee and trying to keep myself occupied on an otherwise slow Friday in my office an idea popped into my head that I would like readers’ comments on. Over the past few years I have become increasingly interested in starting up my own label to promote and release artists local and abroad whose art reflects one common thread: bringing people together, be it by bellowing about social ills or performing poetry. Because of the rapidly changing dynamics of the music/arts industries I figure this venture would focus predominately on digital releases via something like or the like. If anyone has advice or words of wisdom to share on starting up their own business let me know. Right now the label’s name is tentatively “Tawhid,” which is the Arabic word for unity.


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  1. Tawhid, huh? Thinking of Professor Said? Love it actually, always have! Brother, I would totally get behind this and help you with it if you ever wanted a partner. I am serious.

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