Scenes from Doha and Dubai Life


In my previous post I mentioned briefly that I had recently visited Doha, Qatar and Dubai, UAE for a few weeks to see my girlfriend and conduct a job search. As with anytime I have been outside of the US it is always too short and coming back is slightly depressing. Do not get me wrong; I missed a lot of the creature comforts that the US offers, e.g. quick Internet connections, food that usually does not make my stomach turn on me. Sure, those things are great and leaving them behind would involve a transition and lots of patience at times but now I find myself thinking constantly of opportunities abroad. This trip blessed me with chances to spend time with new and old friends alike and pushed me to explore new areas on my own without much a definitive plan in mind. For example, I quickly realized how different the job search environment is in the Gulf region compared to the US: appearance matters a bit more; drop-ins are okay; submitting a resume online does not amount to much; you might have to be a little pushy (in the American sense) to speak with a HR representative. Amid the headaches and frustrations associated with my search I also had the chance to do some really cool activities during my trip, which are shown below in pictures.


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