Ramadan Lesson #5: Do Not Forget About Our Sisters


Too quick to step up with the fisticuffs. I think it’s time that someone called our bluff. We can’t create so we denigrate. We don’t know how to love so we settle for hate. And we’re running out of time. So let’s step out of line, and resist the roles that we’ve been assigned. I’m not going to settle for “nice guys finish last,” or treat our sisters as second class. While we conquer and earn, slash and burn. Concrete, steel and pavement everywhere I turn. And we’re running out of time. Brothers & sisters, here’s my decision: F*ck competition; turn my back on division. Did we learn the difference between “want,” and “need?” Can we be the soil if this song is the seed?

-Paint It Black “Womb Envy”

Sisters, thank you for all the awesome initiatives you are involved with and your positions as some of the most active, yet underrepresented members of Muslim communities. As a male, and therefore, part of a demographic that often steals the spotlight and fears strong, independent female involvement for no real good reason aside from ego, I support you. It always strikes me as ridiculous when my fellow male Muslims relegate females to the fringes; check your head and history, akhi! Who was the first Muslim after the Prophet? Khadijah. Who has been a source of mystical traditions and arts? Female sheikhas. The list of female involvement in Islam goes on and on but check it out for yourself and learn it.

Salaams for now.


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