Ramadan Lesson #9: My Disconnect From a Meat-Centric Diet

Salaams all! I wanted to take a break from focusing on my personal reflections and share with you an article discussing Muslims who have chose to embrace a vegetarian/vegan diet. As the linked article denotes, the reasons for this decision can be varied, but are typically grounded in Islam’s inherent pro-environment and pro-animal welfare tenants, which in my experience get left by the wayside. For me personally, I largely have abandoned the consumption of meat in favor of integrating more fruits, whole grains, and veggies into my daily meals, especially during Ramadan when I need to make every calorie count. Aside from perhaps being eye-opening to Muslim friends, I think this article will show punk friends that by no means do we have a monopoly on the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.

Before I go, I would ask that you take a hard look at your existing dietary habits and reflect on why you eat the things you do – who knows what you may come up with?


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