My Riot Grrrl, Or Why I Love Her


My riot grrrl, where do I begin with listing

The reasons for loving you?

It is because of your tenacity

That persistence which never bends even under life’s roadblocks

Set-out before you by culture, institutions, religion, and sometimes even me.

It is because of the way you feel comfortable in your own skin,

With all of its imperfections and hidden beauty.

It is because of how you critique societal norms and those expectations conferred upon you at birth when it was clear that you were a female,

And how you devoted your entire life to helping others to rise above them too.

It is because you have shown the patience of a saint with me and my lapses into being an immature, selfish idiot.

Finally, it is because you chose me to be your partner in this crazy, often scary, yet wonderful thing called life.

Riot grrrl, I love you.


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