People Who Inspire Me: Wesley Eisold


I often hear friends describe who influences their lives, ranging from an aesthetic to something more esoteric and hidden from public view, and I got thinking why not document those that have shaped me somehow. One such individual has been Wesley Eisold. The guy is nothing short of prolific in his artistic output that encompasses singing for various hardcore bands, writing poetry, running a bookstore/publishing house, crafting 80s-influenced synth/No Wave rock, and collaborating with esteemed fashion designer Alexandre Plokhov. And I have the audacity to complain about going into a 9-5 office job and maybe doing some activity afterward? Hahaha.

Aside from Wes’ seemingly unending artistic creativity and energy, what makes me consider him a big inspiration is his personality and ever-present thirst for finding love in the world. The interviews that I have read conjure up an image of someone who definitely saw a lot of ups and downs, but never lost a fire inside that propels them to strive for a better life. Life is not always pretty and many times involves loosing loved ones, our innocence, and our way but amid all of that is a lot of beauty – these are the themes Wes addresses in various mediums. I think it is this mixture of the light and the dark in his art and his appearance draws me in further – this to me seems like an authentic conceptualization of my daily life. Lastly, the guy recently noted in an interview that he has been sober for over a year, which got me re-evaluating the consumption of alcohol and why I have used it in my life.

Salaams for now.


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