Ramadan #9: Living Out the Words We Speak

Ramadan #9: Living Out the Words We Speak

It has only been a week since arriving in Doha but I am beginning to discern the spectrum of experiences present in this small peninsular country: between the almost surreal wealth and the absolute poverty. Tonight’s experience on my drive home, however, showed that amid these two extremes there does exist much grey area, where people come together for the sake of helping another human being and go against the grain of what is perceived as acceptable social interactions. The thing I am referencing is a refrigerator placed out of a Qatari family’s villa that is meant as a depository for food/drink donations that can be taken by whomever needs them.

The location, which is just north of the Chamber of Commerce along a slip road, is something that probably escaped many individuals passing by, which I believe adds to the sincerity of the action done by this family. After placing some food in the fridge, which has two little signs hanging inside (one in English; the other in Arabic), I left thinking about how this exhibited a Muslim virtue of giving charity without seeking praise.  Moreover, the slightly obscure location, in my opinion, preserves the pride of those taking from the fridge as people can come and go whenever without it being a spectacle.

So why share this? Well, for one, if you are in Doha and have leftovers that can be packaged or the ability to purchase food/drinks, I would encourage you to drop off supplies. Feel free to message for a map of the location. If you are not currently in Doha, I hope that you might be inspired to do something similar wherever you are. Through small, sustained actions I firmly believe bigger changes and consciousness-raising can be achieved. Salaams.



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