Note to Self


Dear Self,


You’ve been through some real emotional hells these past few months: separation, divorce, professional fuck-ups, absence from friendships – just to name a few. The first two, I know, have come with a lot of guilt and sadness over a failed marriage. You’ve been on the receiving end of comments tearing you apart, whether it is questioning the truthfulness of your faith or your morality. Did you handle a crumbling marriage in the best way? Looking back, no, you didn’t and you know what, that’s okay; you were being dumb and scared, but you’ve learned from it. Beneath all of the shit thrown at you these days you’re heading in the right direction now. I mean, look at what you’re onto now:

  • Quit drinking
  • Working out consistently
  • Relocating back to the US this summer
  • Writing again
  • Reading again

Seemingly insignificant, but major positive developments when you’re coming back from the void of wanting to do yourself in and being in a foreign country without your core group of family and life-long friends. Keep going and stay focused on the new chapter that’s coming soon.

Ramadan kareem to all my readers who are observing the Holy Month, in whatever way.


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